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The method and apparatus which led to the patents for the Stockstill Animal Restrainer were invented by a South Australian farmer and grazier, Mr Lancelot Lines.

Mr Lines was a sheep breeder who, in the 1970’s, forecast a time when shearing of sheep would become too expensive for the business to be viable and the job of shearing would become less attractive as an employment option.  He started looking for ways to make shearing easier for the shearer, and one of the first requirements was for a way to hold the sheep still—without bulky restraints which would get in the way of the shearing apparatus.

He remembered an experiment he had seen whereby a minute electrical current was applied to the legs of a frog, which had the effect of making them rigid, with no apparent ill-effects on the frog.  This initial finding led to many, many hours of experimentation and research on sheep by Mr Lines and others, culminating in the granting of a patent to Mr Lines.

With the sheep application so successful, research turned to cattle.  An increase in power output was found necessary, leading to what was known as the Standard Stockstill which was used on cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats.

More recently, the Super Stockstill was developed for use on those animals and other species of vertebrate, including sheep, deer, horses, ostriches, emus, alpacas, pigs, crocodiles, etc.

Many years of research have been spent in perfecting not only the unit itself, but also the best method of delivery of the current.  An alternative method—the anal probe—was found not to be 100% effective in every instance, particularly in areas where the animal is in a dry environment. For the current to flow efficiently, a moist connection is required.  The present use of mouth clamps and needle electrodes has been found to be the best available for consistent, reliable restraint.



The Stockstill Animal Restrainer has been carefully designed, built and tested to give a long and trouble-free life as long as it is used carefully and in accordance with the appropriate procedures as set out in the Operator's Manual and Instruction DVD, and as advised from time to time by the company.

A two-year warranty against electrical and/or mechanical defects is provided. During our long history, there has never been a claim made against the company - and its product reliability is second-to-none.