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I am much impressed by your behavioural studies of the animals after they have been released.  It shows that your method is not just an alternative to other methods but is superior from a humane point of view.

Professor PD Wall, University College London


As a veterinarian who has been continually using the Stockstill for the last eleven years as an aid to restraint and management of cattle, I can confidently say that this unit has proved to be a very valuable aid in the successful control and treatment of fractious or difficult animals under my control.



I purchased a Stockstill and felt I had to write a note saying how pleased I am with it.  I used it this morning for a difficult calving and it was absolutely incredible.

Mr D Zweck


I write to advise of the several years of successful use of the Stockstill we have at Ammaroo Cattle Station in the Northern Territory.  We have found that the cattle being treated when using this device, whether it is for castration, speying, branding, dehorning or other operative treatment, appear to suffer no pain, to recover immediately the device is removed and our employee accident rate has been reduced to a minimum and lost time due to injury has been almost eliminated.  This must reduce the cost of our future Workmen’s Compensation Insurance.

We believe these devices should be available for use on all properties handling grown cattle, particularly when fully grown bulls and cows unused to handling require treatment in the race or crush.

Mr JM Simpson


Over the past ten years we have used the Stockstill on a limited basis in our veterinary practice.  The predictability of response, the absolute immobilisation of the animal, especially the legs, and operator confidence and safety make this the instrument of choice in this procedure.

Dr KG Watson BVSc


In recent years our family farm has become involved with the ostrich industry.  After five years of learning to handle these dangerous and particularly frantic natured birds, the Stockstill has become our major tool in any handling process.

Sheep and cattle, horses and ostriches, the Stockstill is the most humane restraining system I have ever encountered and rather than restrict its use, I would, as an animal lover, be more inclined to demand its use.  My decision is made from what I can do for my sick or injured animals.

Mr R Milne Mt Arden Ostrich


Between 1990 and 1995 I have develveted approximately 30,000 deer with Stockstill in NZ, USA, Canada and Mongolia.  I have found Stockstill to be the most efficient and cost effective method of velvet removal.  I also believe from my experience that it is the most humane method available.

Mr N Christensen


The Stockstill is a low current, low voltage device which has been used successfully to induce analgesia and to immobilise various species of wildlife in the United States.  The device has effectively immobilised coyotes, cattle, goats, alligators, birds and several species of marine animals.

This is an excellent and promising technique for short-term handling procedures, as mortality rates associated with chemical immobilisation can be very high with certain species, and control of the affiliated side effects is difficult.

Mr SM Tomkiewicz, Telonics USA


I would like to express my interest in the Stockstill I purchased from your company in 1982.  This has to be one of the most innovative pieces of equipment I have ever purchased.  I am in a 100% large animal practice which consists primarily of beef and dairy cattle.

It is a most remarkable instrument which is very simple to use.  I could never again practice large animal veterinary medicine without it.  Again, I congratulate you on delivering such a practical and fascinating piece of equipment to our profession.

Dr PE Johnson DVM , Enterprise Animal Hospital, USA