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Animal Welfare Legislation

In South Australia, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1985 restricts the application of electroimmobilisation to animals except where:

a) The animal is a Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 or Class 4 animal; and

b) The electroimmobiliser is a device approved by the Minister (or the Ministerís nominee); and

c) The electroimmobiliser is used only for the purpose of restraining the animal for as short a time as is practicable while a routine husbandry procedure is carried out on the animal); and

d) The person using the electroimmobiliser is the holder of an accreditation certificate for the relevant class of animal, or is acting under the direct supervision of a person who holds such a certification.

Stockstill Limited worked closely with the Department for the Environment and Natural Resources of the South Australian Government to formulate appropriate training programs for the use of electroimmobilisers on the respective classes of animal, being:

†††††††††††† Class 1† †††††††††††† Cattle, Buffalo, Bison

†††††††††††† Class 2† †††††††††††† Deer, Alpacas, Camels

†††††††††††† Class 3† †††††††††††† Sheep, Goats

†††††††††††† Class 4† †††††††††††† Ostriches, Emus

The company also appointed a number of Accredited Trainers throughout the State, whose role is to train potential users in the correct use of Stockstill.† Such purchasers must read the Operatorís Manual, view the DVD and answer a questionnaire relative to those media prior to purchase.

Stockstill restrainers are the only devices granted Ministerial approval for use in South Australia.

Purchasers in New South Wales and Tasmania should be aware that use of electroimmobilisers is prohibited in those States by anyone but veterinary surgeons.

Stockstill Limited encourages the humane treatment of all animals and urges all potential purchasers to check with their Animal Welfare body as to the legislation pertaining to their area.